IC Honors Video: Sequoia Partners in the Parks

Check out this video from Alexis Lanza ’15 about her Sequoia National Park¬†Partners in the Parks trip.

Note from Alexis: “I included this music because during the trip, we made use of the long rides in the van by listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall in its entirety and discussed its meanings.¬†Sequoia was by far, the best Partners in the Parks trip yet!” Watch below:

If you’re interested in having an experience like this, don’t forget to come to the Partners in the Parks information session in Textor 101 during the noon hour on January 28. There are tons of cool opportunities with this program and you get to experience National Parks in an entirely unique way!

IC Honors Photos & Videos: First-Year Trip to the Nature Center!

Last weekend, the Honors program took its annual trip with first-year students to the Cayuga Nature Center, and we got some great shots and videos of the skits that each seminar performed! Check out the photo slideshow from Professor David Flanagan and the skits from Exploratory first-year Megan Holman!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look Away, Look Homeward Skit: Reading and Performing Fiction of the American South skit

Wonder Women and Lethal Girls: Feminism in Fantasy and Science Fiction skit

Why Are We Here? Skit 1

Why Are We Here? Skit 2

Globalization, The Environment & You skit

Power and Justice in Classical Athens skit (2 parts)

And, of course, the Why Are We Here class presenting a pumpkin to Tom Pfaff himself!

IC Honors Video: Rube Goldberg Machine in “Simple Machines” Seminar

Check out this awesome YouTube video of student-made Rube Goldberg machines in the “Simple Machines” seminar.

Sam Russell, a junior Cinema & Photography major, described some of the difficulties of working on the machine – “The Rube Goldberg machine was…..intense. Pretty frustrating. Getting every single step to work without fail was very difficult and we were up very late trying to finish it!”

Matt Kempner, a sophomore TVR major, agreed that the project was time-consuming, but fun and worth it in the end. “It ended up taking a lot more time than we initially thought it would but it was more fun than work so it didn’t seem too bad at all.”

Some of the problems that teams ran into had to be worked through on the spot, Elena Haskins, a freshman Film, Photography & Visual Arts major, said. “Some of the challengers were making sure everything continued to work properly, after we had moved onto another step. Several times a step that had been working would randomly stop and we would have to fix it again. Overall, it was a very fun challenge that pushed us to think outside the box.”

Despite some of the quirks and difficulties, Alex Wilks, a sophomore Biology major said that seeing the finished product was definitely worth it. “The best part was when we got the whole class in the room and we had yet to successfully run the whole thing at once. We triggered the machine to start and it went through all the steps perfectly and my whole group was really excited.¬† It was just awesome!”