IC Honors YMLT: Tom Gets Outsmarted by a Hen

New-ChicksI went to clean the chicken coop yesterday and was surprised to find seven baby chicks that must have been born within the last 24 hours. How can this happen? It seem our perpetually broody hen, seen in the picture (It’s a Silkie), must have taken seven eggs from the nesting box about a month ago. It is likely that none of these eggs are hers since she stopped laying some time ago. She located herself in a corner of the coop and kept them warm (yes we have a rooster) and hence the chicks. She would always sit in the nesting box on eggs with an apparent strong desire to have chicks. We would always move her out of the way and take the eggs. I guess she got tired of this and hatched her plan (great pun). She would often not go out when the hens were let to free roam, and so we didn’t really pay much attention to her. Well she is now a happy mom with seven babies. Put this under the category of nature finds a way.

IC Honors: Summertime

PrintAs you may have noticed the Honors social media world has been fairly quiet lately, but don’t worry we have plans for the summer.  You’ll start seeing some summer student spotlights about what Honors students are doing this summer. We’ll also be looking for a post every week or two about random interesting stuff. If there is something you’d like to see or you have an idea for a post, then send Tom and email.

IC Honors Update: Coming Up!

With the Ottawa trip behind us here is a summary of events to come. There will be a Coffee talk on Feb 26 with VP for Finance Gerald Hector.  Learn about grants and fellowships, great opportunities you never knew existed, after spring break on March 24. Our first ever Honors Alumni Panel will b on Friday March 27 followed by the NYC trip on the 28th.  The new event we are really excited about will be the Spring Swing on April 1 (no joke). We will have a swing band and the IC Swing Club will be giving lessons. More details on all of this to come. In the meantime keep reading the blog to learn about your fellow students and alums, get advice from faculty, and to generally stay in touch.

IC Honors: The Upcoming Spring 2015 Semester

Here are just a few highlights for the upcoming semester. The Ottawa trip will be happening on Feb 7. If you like ice skating then nothing is better than skating on the Rideau Canal. You can rent skates there, but it is expensive and time consuming. So, bring your skates from home.  The NYC trip will be on March 28th.  We will also be having our first annual Spring Swing on April 1 (no joke). This will be our spring version of the Holiday Party.  We have also collected a bunch of advice from Honors faculty and we will be posting them once or twice a week. Of course, there will be coffee talks, info sessions on opportunities, and our great new communication set up. See you soon!