IC Honors FYI: Living in the Honors RLC next year!

22825_fullIt’s hard to believe that the time has come already to talk about housing for next fall, but the RLC selection process is already underway. Check out this message from Residence Director of Lyon Katie Hellmann about the process of living in the Honors RLC in Lyon Hall as an upper-years student and some of the benefits:

Much of what makes Honors and Lyon hall unique and great are the upper-year students who provide mentorship and leadership in the hall.  If that wasn’t enough incentive to at least apply to live in Lyon next year, here are another 4 reasons to live in Lyon next year:

1. You know your housing assignment sooner!  By living in an RLC, you get to pick your housing by MARCH 10th!! That’s almost three months before your peers do! Do you want to block house with others?  Well, it’s possible to room next to your friends during RLC selection without the hassle of applying or having someone assign rooms for you.  Double bonus!

2. Proximity: Lyon hall is super close to the academic side of campus, fitness center, and campus center.  With most of the academic school year occurring during winter, being close to these buildings sounds like a no-brainer to me.

3. Resources:  Compared to other halls, Lyon hall is STOCKED! Games, computers, kitchens, laundry machines, Keurig, kitchen supplies, oh my!  These resources are a huge bonus to living in Lyon.

4. Community: Let’s be honest here. The community in Lyon is AMAZING (probably because you are amazing people).  People are friendly, nice, and always willing to make new friends. We have more events and opportunities than other communities. The community in Lyon hall is so unique; why not come back and be part of this community again?


Here are the important things to remember:

 Application deadline is March 7th!!  Just because you apply, doesn’t mean that you have to live in Lyon. And just because you select housing doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind later.  Honestly, I would recommend applying just to have a back-up plan!  Because if you don’t apply, than you can’t select later on.  Applications are through HomerConnect. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out a khellmann@ithaca.edu! 

IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Zoe Mendrysa

Meet Zoe, an incoming first-year student from Kingston, NY, a Health Science major with a Pre-Med emphasis.

10984571_10204323635391584_5909030596813561409_nThis summer, Zoe has been traveling and exploring! She works at an ice cream shop and a dermatology office in her hometown.

Zoe is most excited to immerse herself in the culture of IC and the Honors program!

I’m really excited to live in Lyon Hall and join Ithaca’s Honors Community! Being around people who are different and unique but with the same mindset to learn and grow, which is important to me. I enjoy to challenge myself and be intellectually engaged, while having new experiences. The Honors Program offers amazing opportunities, who wouldn’t want to go white water rafting or music events? The Honors Program and IC will help me grow and see the world in a new way, preparing me for any adventure!”

We’re starting to look for more student spotlights for the school year for both current students and alums!

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Do you know a really cool alum of the Honors program? Nominate them to be an Alumni Spotlight here!

Email sguter1@ithaca.edu with any questions, concerns, or nominations.

IC Honors RLC: Applications Due Tomorrow!

558424_4525155886238_1413661898_nFor all incoming first-year students, applications are due on HomerConnect for living in the Honors RLC (or any other RLCs). Don’t forget that even if you get approved, you aren’t required to live in Lyon – so if you’re just thinking about it, might as well put in an application on Homer, especially because it’s as simple as clicking a button.

Approvals are on a rolling basis and have been going on since June 9, but all approvals will be posted on July 10. More important dates for choosing housing can be found here.

IC Honors RLC: Interested in living in the RLC?

Are you an incoming first-year student who wants a community filled with other similarly academically inclined students? Consider living in the Honors RLC in Lyon Hall!

Lyon offers a full RA staff of Honors students and a vibrant community filled with a lot of awesome programming and friendly people. The goals of the RLC are to:

  • develop a strong sense of academic community among the students participating in the Honors Housing Program.
  • offer programs that integrate topics from students’ coursework.
  • provide additional out-of-class opportunities for the students to interact with the Honors Faculty members.
  • provide a community living experience that is supportive of students’ academic success and interests.
  • promote honors students’ academic leadership.

Apply on HomerConnect under the “Residential Life” then “Residential Learning Communities” tab by July 7.