IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Gretchen Hohmeyer

1424576_10209129461537225_5010296201079289399_n.jpgGretchen Hohmeyer is an English and Writing double major who, despite having plans to go to English PhD school, is not doing that right now. Instead, she is taking a year off to teach English as a second language in South Korea. She has been accepted to contract with the Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) to source employment at a South Korean elementary school in a yet unknown city.¬†While the word of choice for this adventure would not be “excited” as much as “terrified,” she cannot wait to get paid to travel in Asia, which has been a dream since childhood!

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Gretchen Hohmeyer

Meet junior Gretchen Hohmeyer, our Student Spotlight this week! Gretchen is an English and Writing double major from Lake Clear, NY. Find out more about Gretchen below:


Favorite part about IC: “I love the community here. I never thought I’d find friends this fantastic and caring or professors that are interested in me and my work. I really feel like I’ve grown as a person as well as a student because of the environment I get to go to school in.”

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why: “I’d have to say my freshman seminar called Lethal Girls and Lady Knights with Professor Katharine Kittredge. That class not only introduced me to some of my best friends, but also to one of the professors who’s had the most impact on my college career. Also, it proved to me in my first semester that going to college was a right and awesome choice I’d made.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “Definitely my semester abroad in London. Not only were the staff there marvelous and the opportunities they created for us fantastic, but being in Honors gave it that little something extra. The Honors program was the only reason I got to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, first and then the Honors seminar I took while actually at the school was one of my favorite classes. (This also happened to be with the director of the London program, who is one of the best human beings I have ever met.) Going abroad was one of those experiences that I needed to have, for my own personal growth, and Honors helped make it possible.”

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