IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Lisa Famularo

Here’s Lisa, a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Management, and a Campus Life Award recipient for this year. Check out her awesome grad school plans:Lisa About.Me_3.JPG

After graduation, I will be attending a two-year graduate program at the University of Connecticut to earn a Master of Arts in Higher Education Student Affairs while also completing an assistantship in the Center for Career Development and a series of practicums in other Student Affairs offices.  Throughout my experience at IC, I have definitely recognized the importance of involvement during college, especially due to all the amazing resources IC provides that are not available everywhere else, and I want to help other students take advantage of the resources available to them in a similar way that I did.  I have developed a strong passion for student development, and my goal is to play a direct role in helping college students recognize their unique strengths and realize their full potential.

IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Evan Layne

Meet Evan, a rising senior Business Administration major!pastedImage

This summer, Evan is interning at DoSomething.org as their Finance and Human Resources Intern. “DoSomething is a non-profit with the goal of motivating young people to take action around social changes through national campaigns and grants for projects that make an impact. Overall, their mission is to create a culture of volunteerism and social activism through engaging and empowering young people.”

Evan’s favorite experience in the Honors program was with one of his seminars!

“Far and away the most rewarding experience I have had with the Honors Program was the Intermediate Seminar I participated in during the Fall 2014 semester. The course was Sex, Gender, and Desire with Professor Carla Golden. This course was precisely structured to engage students in provocative and challenging discourses surrounding feminism, sexuality, gender, intercourse, and sex. Each reading contributed to a perfect constellation of engaging topics. This class was critical in my personal growth, and the material caused me to reevaluate how I understand the world. The way I navigate society is forever skewed (for the better, I feel) as a result of this course. I even wore a dress to class on the last day to challenge the gender binary! Endless praise for Carla and SGD.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Christina DiCillo ’13

Meet Christina DiCillo from the Class of 2013! Christina was a International Business Administration major with a minor in Italian is currently teaching english in Seoul, South Korea! Find out more about Christina below:


Current positions: “I’m currently living in South Korea. I moved here a few months after I graduated, and I teach English at an elementary school in Seoul. In my spare time, I’m studying Korean!”

A piece of advice you wish someone had given you at IC: “Aside from the standard “Make time to have fun with your friends and to get out there, don’t spend all of your time studying, things will work out” advice that I should have listened to, I wish someone had told me about how awesome the 5th floor of the library was earlier!”

Favorite Honors Seminar you took and why: “Oh man, that’s a tough choice. I really enjoyed all of the seminars I took, but I think my favorite was Evolution of Evolution. We got to explore not only the scientific theory of evolution, but also how it applies to so many things in our world. Music, art, culture, even internet memes can all be discussed with the evolutionary process in mind. I got to write my final paper on something I love, the evolution of ballet. It was really cool to be able to synthesize something that people think of as very fundamentally science-y with things we encounter every day, and to see that doesn’t just apply to the evolution of humans or animals, but anything and everything around us.”

One word that sums up your university experience: “Challenging. But not in a bad way at all. Ithaca taught me to challenge my own beliefs and others that I didn’t agree with. Ithaca challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone in so many ways, from classes to study abroad to every day life. I grew so much from those experiences. And most of all, nobody can say it isn’t a challenge walking up those hills in the winter!”

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