Program Checklist and Thesis Information

checklist-443126_640The current Honors Program is structured so that there is flexibility and student choice, but that also means that honors students are held personally responsible for their learning and completing the program.  Here is a helpful one page checklist, which includes details about points, for completing the Honors Program!

Honors students must complete a thesis.  Here are copies of the Thesis Guidelines and Thesis Proposal Form, which are also available in taskstream.

Advising Resources

A great team of people is available to Honors students for Advising.  You can always ask any Honors staff or faculty member a question, but each Honors student is assigned a primary advising contact based on your last name.  Here’s the list in case you need to check:

Cohen-Filipic:  Students with last names A-J
Young: Students with last names K-Z

jessye-cohen-filipicJessye Cohen-Filipic
Acting Honors Program Director and
Associate Professor, Psychology
Online sign-upfor appointments:


Alicia Swords (on leave Fall 2018)
Honors Program Director and Associate Professor, Sociology
Online sign-up for appointments: 
607-274-7784  | 607-274-1209 


Cory Young
Acting Assistant Director of the Honors Program and
Associate Professor, Communication Management and Design (CMD)
Online sign-up for appointments:
607-274-7784 | 607-274-3698

Brooks Minerbrooks-miner
Honors Residential Learning Community Associate
Assistant Professor, Biology
Office hours in CNS 166: Weds. 3-5pm

Katie Burkegetpersonaphoto-e1517257118859.jpg
Academic Advisor/Academic Advising Center Honors Liaison
Honors students can ask to set up an appointment specifically with me when they call the Academic Advising Center.  The Advising Center has drop in hours and appointment times
Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00 and Friday 10:00-4:00. 

Summer Research Opportunities

(This has been updated for summer 2017.)

Humanities and Sciences students in the creative arts, humanities, mathematics, and social sciences may apply for a paid Summer Scholar position to engage full-time in 8 weeks of research, scholarly, or creative projects in conjunction with a Faculty Mentor during the summer of 2016. Summer Scholars will be paid between $3,000 and $3,200 for eight weeks of full-time work. Additional funding for Summer Scholars to cover project-related expenses (such as travel, materials, or fees) can be requested (up to $600). More details here. The deadline to apply in Feb 13, 2017. This is a great opportunity for Honors students since publishing and presenting your work can count toward points. This is also an opportunity to get started on your thesis.

Funding Sources

Honors Student Conference Travel Support

The Honors Program supports students who are looking to complete part of their Scholarly Engagement requirement by presenting their scholarly work at a regional or national conference. As part of this support the Honors Program will assist students with transportation, registration, and accommodation costs associated with conference attendance.  The maximum award is $500.00 for regional and $800.00 for national and international conferences. To apply send a 1-page proposal to the Honors Director (a) stating the funding requested, (b) justifying the transportation, registration, and accommodation expenses, and (c) explaining how this funding will help you purposefully complete the Honors Program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The Pervi Study Abroad Grant

The Honors Program has two Pervi Study Abroad Grants of approximately $500 for Honors students studying in London in the fall semester and taking the Honors course, London as Text.  To apply send a 1-page proposal to the Honors Director explaining how the funds will help you fulfill the Global Engagement requirement of the Honors Program. Priority will be given to high achieving students who demonstrate financial need. Please note that determination of financial need is made on the basis of each student’s FAFSA, which must be current and on file with Student Financial Services. The deadline for individual proposals is February 26, 2016, for those anticipating studying abroad at the London center in the fall of 2016. Recipients of the grant will be notified before the deposit deadline for the London Center.

Honors Student Advisory Board

If you have any thoughts, concerns, or ideas about the Honors Program you can contact the Honors Student Advisory Board:

Board members:

Class of 2019:
Abigail Coons
Zoe Mendrysa

Class of 2020:
Josie Berman
Samantha Weeks

Class of 2021:
Rachel Larkin
Tynesha Taylor

Class of 2022: