Did You Go on the NYC Trip? Do You Want to be featured on the Honors Social Media? Send your pictures today!

Hello Honorites!

We hope that those of you who went on the NYC trip had so much fun! If you want to be featured on the Honors Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram please send your photos to ttaylor6@ithaca.edu today!

Show off your fun time and experience in NYC with selfies, group pictures, and even of the places you went to!

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Hello Honorites!

The Honors Program wishes you all a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxing Spring Break! Take some time out for reflection, to catch up with friends and family (and school work) and HAVE FUN! Be safe and see you all back on campus soon!




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Welcome Back!

Hello Honorites & Welcome Back!


The Honors Program hopes that you had a fun, relaxing, and well-spent winter break! It is the New Year so that also brings a new semester!

Good Luck on the first day back to Ithaca College and with all of your new classes! Try to make the most of this semester by joining new clubs and organizations, connecting with fellow Honorites and doing what you love to get the greatest experience here at IC and in Honors!

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2017 Holiday Celebration Photos

Thank you to all of our Honors community members who joined us last night in Emerson Suites. The Holiday Celebration was a huge success, and we hope you had a great time. Check out our photo gallery from last night below! If you share any pictures of you and your friends, be sure to tag us (@ichonors on Twitter and Instagram, and Ithaca College Honors Program on Facebook)!