Today is the Honors Informational Session about External Grants and Fellowships!

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Today at 12:00 pm in Friends 307, The Honors Program invites you to an informational session about External Grants and Fellowships.

It’s never too early to start learning about how to get resources to support your biggest dreams and projects.  All are welcome, from first years to seniors.

There will be pizza too.

Hope to see you there!

Honors trip to NYC has 12 tickets available to the opera Lucia Di Lammermoor !

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The Honors Program is taking students to NYC to see an opera!

Tickets will be on sale Tuesday March 27th from 12:30 – 3:30 and Thursday March 29th from 12:30 – 3:30.  The date for this trip is Saturday April 7, 2018!  We are seeing Lucia Di Lammermoor and also have tickets to MOMA!

The opera trip will be traveling with the other NYC trip on the same bus.

Tickets will be $35 each.  We accept payments of cash or check ONLY. Please bring exact change if you are paying with cash!

Tickets are first come first served! A refund will only happen if the seat can be filled (if necessary).

Attention Juniors!

Hi Juniors. We just wanted to give you a bit of information about thesis planning.
Your thesis proposals for next year need to be submitted by April 20. Instructions are on Taskstream.
Questions about what a thesis is? How to find a thesis advisor? What the proposal should look like? We’ll be holding several thesis information sessions for you over the coming weeks.
All of the following meetings will be held in the Honors Lounge. These are being scheduled on different days at different times to try to accommodate as many students as possible!
Please plan to come to one of these meetings.
Thursday, 2/22 at 12:10 PM
Tuesday 2/27 at 7:00 PM
Wednesday 2/28 at 9:00 AM
Please go here to let us know you are coming and share your questions:
If you have questions about the event, please contact Jessye at


Seniors: a deadline update for Taskstream

Here’s an update about deadlines for Honors artifacts, including thesis documents.
ALL artifacts and reflections must be uploaded to Taskstream by May 4, the last day of classes
Also, an important note for seniors:  The current Honors program requires students to complete your requirements on Taskstream, but unfortunately Homer and Taskstream don’t communicate automatically.
That means that you must gauge your progress toward graduation based on your progress in Taskstream until we are able to manually update your degree evaluation in Homer. 
The Honors staff work during the course of the Spring semester to assess the Taskstream progress of our seniors, but we aren’t able to update all degree evaluations fully until the end of the Spring semester. That means that as your major departments run “graduation problems lists”, Honors students will almost always be on these lists even if you’ve completed all or most Honors requirements.   
Please be in touch with your Honors advisors if you have questions or need to assess your situation.


A New and Exciting course for Block 2 – Spring Semester 2018

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Honors is offering an exciting 1 credit seminar course during Block 2 of the 2018 Spring Semester. This Honors slow read includes an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC on May 5th to see The Iceman Cometh on Broadway, as well as a (not yet confirmed but likely) conversation with some members of the cast after the show.

Here is the course description:  In this Block II seminar, we will engage in a slow read of the American playwright Eugene O’Neill’s epic 1939 play, The Iceman Cometh. Our reading of the play will culminate with a trip to New York City to see the new Broadway production of The Iceman Cometh, starring Denzel Washington. The Iceman Cometh takes place in a New York City bar, owned by the ironically named Harry Hope, whose clientele consists largely of alcoholics, prostitutes, and other down-and-outs. While they have little to hope for, each character has a pipe dream to which s/he clings fervently, and which the “iceman” who is figured in the title views it as his appointed task to persuade them to discard. The consequences are harrowing, not least for the iceman. Although conventional wisdom will tell you that it is best to face facts in life (and, of course, to avoid drinking copious amounts of alcohol, as Harry Hope’s patrons do), O’Neill’s play asks whether it is in fact humanly possible to live without false hopes or “lying dreams.” In this course, we will read the play, considering it as a text on the page, and then supplement our understanding of it by seeing it performed in New York City, with Denzel Washington in the role of Hickey (aka the iceman) and directed by George C. Wolfe.

If you have questions about this course, please contact Claire Gleitman at