Suspension of the Web programming and game development Minors

The Computer Science Department is suspending admission to the Web Programming Minor and Game Development minor as of September 3rd, 2021. Students who are currently registered in the minor will be able to complete the minor as planned, with potential course substitutions where necessary.   

Students who submitted a request for admission to the minor prior to September 3rd will only be considered for admission if they have already completed courses critical to the minor. Others will be denied admission and invited to join the current computer science minor if interested.

The department is undergoing major revisions to the minor programs in order to merge the current 3 minors (computer science, game development, and web programming) into a single program that allow students the choice to cater the minor to something very similar to any of the three old minors, or other personalized configurations. 

The suspension of these minors is intended to be permanent. The department intends to replace old computer science minor with the new minor when we enter Fall 2022, at which point it will offer the same opportunities that the current 3 minors offer. Students can contact the department chair to discuss options in the interim.

Dr. Toby Dragon
Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Department of Computer Science
Ithaca College