Ongoing Anti-Racist Workspaces for White-Identifying Students


Contributed by Samantha Elebiary

Ithaca College has been organizing virtual spaces for faculty, staff, and students to gather and reflect on the current and ongoing race relations in the United States. These spaces are designed for white-identified students to understand systemic racism in order to dismantle it, and to understand their role in this work. 

Dear students,

We are creating spaces for white-identifying students to be in community to learn, grow, challenge one another, and strive to shift from “I am not racist” to truly understanding what it means to be anti-racist in thought and practice. Whether you are just beginning your journey of understanding racism and what it means to be anti-racist or are well-practiced and disciplined at interrupting the script of white supremacy, you are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please consider registering for upcoming workspaces that will all focus on different topics/themes within anti-racist work as a white-identifying student. You can find all upcoming events on the Center for IDEAS Engage page. You must register for each individual event in order to receive the zoom link/and any associated materials/resources. 

Upcoming Workspaces:

  • Understanding What it Means to be WhiteThursday, July 23rd, 4pm-5pm EST. Register here
  • Understanding Systemic Racism and White Privilege– Thursday, July 30th, 4pm-5pm EST. Register here
  • Understanding Race as a Social ConstructThursday, August 6th, 4pm-5pm EST. Register here
  • Understanding White Privilege – Thursday, August 13th, 4pm-6pm EST (note this is a 2-hour event). Register here

Facilitators for this ongoing series will include faculty and staff from across campus including: Joslyn Brenton, Kaylee Collins, Julie Dorsey, Samantha Elebiary, Beth Greene, Kelly Hallisy, Eileen Harrington, Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Mary Holland-Bavis, Abby Juda, Luke Keller, Nicole Koschmann, Michele Lenhart, Luca Maurer, Elyse Nepa, Mo Ordnung, Kevin Perry, Sara Rodrigues, Elisabeth Tomlin, and Jacqueline Winslow. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests for accommodations, please email

Please join us in this work.


Samantha Elebiary, BOLD Program Director, 

Elyse Nepa, Coordinator – Public Safety and Emergency Management,

Jacqueline Winslow, Ed.D., Director of New Student & Transition Programs,