Congratulations Seniors!

Congratulations to the Honors Class of 2020 for completing their undergraduate career and the Honors Program!

This past Tuesday, Alicia Swords and the Honors team hosted a celebratory zoom congratulating the Class of 2020. 

Honors Celebration for Seniors[1]

We honored the recipients of the Hugh Egan and Jim Swafford awards, played a slideshow that showcased some of their highlights, celebrated an honors faculty member who is retiring, and heard from some Honors faculty about their achievements. 

Hugh Egan founded the Honors Program in the Humanities and Sciences in 1995 and played an invaluable role in giving shape to what is today the Ithaca College Honors Program.  We give this award to honor Hugh Egan’s dedication to Honors and to celebrate a graduating senior who embodies his qualities of intellectual excellence, humor, amiability, and modesty.  

This year’s recipient is Andy Yzaguirre. Andy embodies generous, wide-ranging intelligence.  As a scholar of English, Andy understands and wields the power of words.  She also crosses disciplinary boundaries with ease.  In the senior seminar she often served as spokesperson–for herself, for her team, and for the whole class. Her accomplishments include presenting at the national Children’s Literature Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The James Swafford award is given to a graduating senior who models the broadly read, deeply curious, and possessed of a rich, generous, wide-ranging intelligence that Professor Swafford fostered and modeled of the interdisciplinary identity of honors.  

This year’s recipient is Eliana Berger. Eliana is a bright, diligent, and critical scholar of gender, literature, and media.  Her senior seminar project on women’s roles in literature and media showed great intellectual flexibility, as well as depth of understanding. She presented her research on Gender Representation in Eighteenth-Century Periodicals at Oxford University. 

The Class of 2020 have presented research at national conferences, proven leadership to organizations and executive boards, been members of national honor societies, contributed countless volunteer hours, and much more. 

Congratulations seniors on your success! Go Bombers!