Solidarity Collective is Hiring!

Solidarity Collective is hiring! Join one of their international teams in Colombia, Cuba or Honduras for a two year commitment.

Apply now!

Do you like inspiring others to take action and participate in campaigns? Do you want to connect US-based activists with Latin American activists? Do you enjoy helping people connect the dots? Do you want a better future for Latin America?

If so, this may be the position for you.

“Working side-by-side in solidarity with partners on the ground in Honduras was a life-changing experience that has informed my analyses and completely changed the way I organize.” – Aleja Rincón

In this role, you won’t just be working for us, you’ll be working for the more than 20,000 supporters, activists and members who believe in better US policies and corporate practices towards Latin America.

If you’re not interested or able to apply, please share this with bilingual Spanish/English friends who may be interested.