Nick Mitchell Presents: “Ethnic Studies at 50: Reflections on Knowledge and Power” on Sept 10th @ Kling Lounge at 6pm

Hello Honorites!

This year’s CSCRE Discussion Series is about ROOTS AND ROUTES: Reflecting Toward Change. The first talk is titled “Ethnic Studies at 50: Reflections on Knowledge and Power,” presented by Nick Mitchell, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, University of California @ Santa Cruz.

download.pngDate: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Klingenstein Lounge

In 1969, a collective composed primarily of student-of-color student activists agreed to end what remains to this day the longest continuous student strike in the history of the United States. Enlivened, in a time of war and racial terror, by the idea that university resources could be repurposed toward the end of liberation, the strike’s culmination led to the official establishment of the first College of Ethnic Studies. In this talk, I return to the scene of the strike. I want to not only consider its historical significance and the lessons it might offer us today but also argue that honoring this legacy involves appreciating our distance from it. Our present moment of racial terror, mainstream neofascism, and liberation dreaming needs a different understanding of the relationship between knowledge and power and a new strategy for using higher education for emancipatory purposes.