First Year Experience Video Opportunity!

Dear Honors Students,

Can you help us?

We’re looking for your feedback in a short video format. In hopes of improving the First Year Experience, we’re asking current Ithaca College students:

“Think back to a moment in your first year here on campus when you…
…. felt successful… or a moment that was difficult… or a challenge to you.“


1)     Describe briefly: Where were you? What was happening?

2)     What did this moment mean to you?

3)     What would you like faculty and/or staff to know?

We are asking you to record a one-minute video of yourself describing the event and answering the questions. Your video will be playing on loop with other student input at the Synchronizing Student Engagement within the First-Year Experience event in May. Faculty and staff will be able to watch this video and hear from current IC students on how the first-year experience can be improved. Your voice matters. Please consider giving us your thoughts and feedback.

If you’re comfortable, feel free to stop by the Center for Faculty Excellence (Gannett 316) and we will record your answer. If you would prefer to record yourself privately, please see below on recording tips and where to send your video.


• Identify a location that will provide you with good lighting, minimal background noise and prevent interruptions.


• Avoid sitting with a window either directly behind or in front of you – this can cause glare, shadows, and other video disruptions.
• Adjust the position of your camera and lighting to make sure your face is well lit and positioned for others to see you.

• Remove any unnecessary items surrounding the area in view of the camera, such as papers and other table-top items.
• Wear attire that contrasts well with your backdrop.


·       Please use a Smartphone (held horizontally) or a computer webcam to record yourself.


Please share your video with

If you have any questions please email:

Thank you for your time and consideration!