You Are Invited to an Invite-Only Q&A and Supper Buffet before the Izzy Award Ceremony on April 15th!

Hello Honorites!

The Park Center for Independent Media is hosting an invitation-only Q&A with supper buffet before the public Izzy Award ceremony. Please join them for an up-close session with this year’s award-winners.


  • Editors of Earth Island Journal, Maureen Nandini Mitra and Zoe Loftus Farren. The Journal is being honored for highlighting the connections between environmental degradation, women and indigenous peoples.
  • Laura Flanders – a regular producer of forward-looking media that investigate policies that drive racism, sexism, and economic exclusion. Her work fleshes out the narratives around grassroots-driven solutions to our economy and politics.
  • Dave Lindorff – longtime investigative reporter who worked on a major story during 2018 that uncovered the opaqueness of Pentagon accounts and funding requests to Congress resulting in bloated military budgets.
  • Aaron Mate – regular contributor to The Nation for exposing the hollowness and hyperbole surrounding the so-called the Russia election-collusion story.


More info on the honorees here.

The supper/Q&A will be held from 5:00 to 6:30pm on Monday, April 15 in Klingenstein Lounge. If you wish to invite others, feel free to do so, but please let Brandy Hawley know.

The Izzy Award Ceremony will be held soon after in Emerson Suites at 7:00pm (and we’ll reserve seats for those attending the Q&A).

Please RSVP to Brandy, 607-274-3590.