Honors Faculty/Staff Spotlight: Jake Brenner!

Hello Honorites!

This is a new segment that we are starting on the Honors Blog called “Honors Faculty/Staff Spotlights”! If you have a faculty member or Honors professor that you want to nominate, please email TTaylor6@ithaca.edu with their name!

This Honors Faculty/Staff Spotlight goes to Jake Brenner! Read below to find out more about him!



What Honors course(s) do you currently teach?

JB: Globalization, Environment & You


What sort of morning routine do you have to get jazzed for class?

JB: Coffee and jumping jacks.


Do you have any hidden talents?

JB: I speak Spanish?


Who/What is your spirit animal? Why?

JB: The coyote – a survivor.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in a class?

JB: Pretty much every time I teach a class I leave thinking, “Man, I wish I hadn’t said that. At least not quite that way. Oh well. Next time.”


If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, what would you do instead?

JB: I’d hang around Ithaca College three to five times a week shooting the breeze with students about geography, environmental science, and globalization. No kidding.


If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

JB: When someone out there asks you what you learned, be ready with a good answer.