Kellie Wainwright ’21 tells her experience attending the Honors Opera Immersion Trip in NYC!

Hello Honorites!


Kellie Wainwright ’21, is a sophomore Mathematics Education major, and recently went on the Honors Opera Immersion Trip to NYC where the class saw La Fille du Regiment at The Metropolitan Opera!

To find out more about Kellie’s experience, read below!


Was this your first time going to NYC?

Kellie: “This was my second time going to NYC, but the first time going to that part of the city and going to the Opera.”

What were some highlights of your trip?

Kellie: “Going on this trip was an interesting experience. I was not part of the Opera Immersion class, but I went along with my friend, who was in it. We got off the bus once we were there and I took a picture in front of these three beautiful white buildings and the fountains.

At the Met Opera, there was velvet EVERYWHERE! People were dressed up in fancy attire and they had an orchestra playing. As I get older, I have a new appreciation of things that are really pretty!

After the play, we were able to explore the city for 3-4 hours and my friend and I went out to eat and then went shopping!”


Would you recommend this trip to other Honorites?

Kellie: “I definitely would recommend that other people should go! I wouldn’t have had this experience if I didn’t, because I am not a person who would go to the opera. I’m so glad that I got this opportunity, the $35 covered the bus trip to the city, the opera tickets and snacks on the bus, why would you not go?!”