Submit Your Presentation for the 22nd Annual Whalen Academic Symposium on April 2nd!

Hello Honorites!


The online submission process for faculty sponsors/students to submit student presentations for the 22nd Annual James J. Whalen Symposium will close on March 4, 2019.  Submissions will be accepted for presentations, performances, and displays.

  • Fill out the Online Submission Form
  • Submit your presentation, performance, creative work, or poster presentation.
  • Once the form(s) is/are submitted, you and your faculty sponsor will receive an e-mail detailing next steps.

Please note that creative works include:

Live Performance (Dance, Theatre, Music, Etc.):
Solo Performances
Chamber Ensembles
Original Compositions
Original Monologue Or Scene Performances
Analysis And Performance Of A Scene Or Monologue
Solo Dance Performances
Original Dance Ensemble Performance 

Works Of Visual And Media Art:
Costume And Set Design

For more information go to the Whalen Symposium website here!