Apply to be an Humanities & Sciences Summer Scholar Today!

Hello Honorites!


The School of Humanities and Sciences is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2019 H&S Summer Scholars Program.

The H&S Summer Scholars Program provides paid positions for H&S students in all majors to engage full-time in research, scholarship, or creative inquiry projects in collaboration with an H&S Faculty Mentor. Students will be paid $11.10/hour for 8-10 weeks of full-time work (37.5 hours/week).

“Summer Scholars has given me the opportunity to create a project that will propel me into my future after college. During that process I have been able to work on my investigative skills, my writing, and my ability to communicate my thoughts to others. Having so much freedom also allowed me to realize how I work best, which translates into other aspects of my life. Overall, the Summer Scholars program made me a better student, academic, and person.” – A 2018 Summer Scholar

All H&S students, including students in natural and computational sciences, as well as students in humanities, social/behavioral sciences, and creative arts, will apply through the single H&S Summer Scholars online application portal. Students applying through this portal will be considered for all available positions, including Dana Internships.

Most of the positions available through the program are open to all H&S students, regardless of need; a few programs require financial aid eligibility, such as the Dana Internships and Emerson Humanities Collaboration Awards. No additional application materials are required to be considered for these awards, but students must have a FAFSA on file by February 1 to receive consideration for positions supported by these programs.

***The deadline for submission is Monday, February 11, at noon. 
Decisions will be announced no later than March 8, 2019.


They’ll be announcing dates for the information sessions soon. However, for complete information on eligibility and program requirements, as well as links to the online application, please consult the H&S Summer Scholars webpage.  For more information, contact the H&S Dean’s office at