Are You Registered to Vote?!

Friends, family, Ithaca faculty, are you registered to vote? If your answer is no, don’t be sad, don’t be nervous, because there is a solution! Over the next few weeks, in the noon hour of the upstairs of CC by Freshens, a group of fellow honors students will be working to get you registered!Vote sign

The dates the table will be up and running over the next 2 weeks are as follows: Tuesday 9/25, Friday 9/28, Tuesday 10/2, and Thursday 10/4. Again, these tables will be set up during the noon hour.

However, we understand that not everyone who wants to register can be there during the noon hour, so there is another option! Just email me,, and I will send you the appropriate form for whatever state you plan to vote in. Political engagement is so critical, and we hope you all come to register! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, just email me!