IC Library: Banned Books Week (9/23-9/29)

Hello Honorites! 20180921114005784_1.png

In celebration of Banned Books Week, the library’s Research Help Desk will display Banned Books that you can check out.

Use the library’s guide to Banned and Censored Media to find books to explore and learn more about the event.  Ask a librarian to help you find a book to check out from our stacks.  Take this short quiz designed by Shianne Beer to test your knowledge.

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment.  This year it is being held from September 23rd to 29th.  Books are most frequently banned or challenged if an institution or individual deems their content to be offensive.

This year, you can also Thank a Banned Author in the LGBT Center on Tuesday, September 25th and Thursday September 27th at noon.  Readers will be gathering to write emails or postcards to banned or censored authors in order to thank them for their impactful books. Take a stand for the banned!