Stuti Singh ’21, an International Student from Nepal, travels to Singapore!

Hello Honorites!

Your fellow Honorite, Stuti Singh, is a sophomore, Business Administration major and is an International student from Nepal! This past summer, she traveled back home and Stuti and her family visited Singapore! Continue reading below to her learn about her experiences!

My trip to Singapore:  Stuti Singh


Did you know that in approximately half an hour, you can travel from East Singapore to West Singapore? I learnt that over the past summer when I visited this city state. 

August was the month of travel for me. After spending two months in Ithaca and New York City, I traveled back to Nepal to visit my family and friends (I am from Nepal). Having returned after a year away from home, my family and I decided to spend some quality time exploring places further East in the world. 

I spent 6 days in Singapore and I was blown away.

My preteen self-thanked me when two of my days were spent touring Universal Studios and Image-4.png.jpeg  reliving my childhood as I entered castles, pet tyrannosaurus eggs, rode on The Mummy roller coaster, and visited 3D museums. Playing with the sharks and dolphins and platypuses in the Underwater World was another highlight of my trip, where I got introduced to interesting details of marine life. While we are on the topic of water, I also got a chance to experience a panoramic view of the Lion City on Boat Quay, “drank water” from the Merlion (a hybrid of mermaid and lion, the official mascot of Singapore), and visited Marina Bay Sands, a hotel with the world’s longest infinity pool atop the city. Words can never justify how magnificent the view from the top is! 


What also is of a great remembrance to me is taking pictures with world leaders such as Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Leo DiCaprio, and dearest E.T. as their wax figures stood in pride and glory in Madame Tussauds, Singapore. In addition, the inner dove in me was delighted to view the entire city through the Singapore Flyer, the world’s second tallest Ferris Wheel.

Image-3.png              Image-1.png

My stay in Singapore was an enriching experience in that I not only enjoyed, but also educated myself. So, if you are planning a vacation anytime soon, you know where your next stop is!


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