Explore Ithaca Challenge!

Attention members of the Honors RLC, it is Exploration Szn! The Explore Ithaca challenge is designed to help you to know the area and all it has to offer. There will be a raffle for participation to win one of FOUR – $25 gift certificates to a local restaurant based on the following rules: You will get your name in the raffle each time you complete an activity below. The more places you visit, the more chances you have to win!


To complete an activity you need to provide your RA with proof of visiting the location. Generally, the easiest form of proof is a picture of you at the particular location but ticket stubs or other receipts will work as well. You will be given a punch card and upon providing proof of a completed activity your RA will punch off the number. You have also been provided with a number of incentives to help you complete this challenge which includes: a number of TCAT passes and a free cinemapolis movie ticket. You are expected to visit these locations by TCAT, bike, or foot, and not your own personal car. Enjoy and Goodluck!