2018-2019 Honors Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Hello Honorites!

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a student-elected body from within the Ithaca College Honors Program. Members help plan and coordinate activities and programming under the supervision of the honors director. Members also evaluate certain aspects of the program, such as academics and extracurricular events, in an attempt to make the student experience more rewarding overall.

2018-2019 SAB Representatives:

Class of 2019 Representatives: Abigail Coons and Zoe Mendrysa

Class of 2020 Representatives: Samantha Weeks and Josie Berman

Class of 2021 Representatives: Tynesha Taylor and Rachel Larkin

Please feel free to reach out to your representatives to better serve you in the Honors Program or if you have ideas about events that you would like to see happen!