NEW COURSE! The Environment and The Media

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NEW COURSE! The Environment and The Media

Dr. Patricia R Zimmermann

Screen Studies and Codirector of the Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival

Fall 2018

HNRS 20056 01

CRN 23720

Tuesday 4-7 p..m

Park 277

 This new course is a discussion-led seminar that immerses students in film, video, and new media about the environment through screenings and readings. It is now open to all Ithaca College students across all schools and majors beyond the Honors program.

The Environment and The Media probes the intersections between the environment, defined as the dynamic interrelationship between nature, people, and the built environment, and the media, mapped here as ranging from analog film and video to new media art.

The course investigates how artists and mediamakers not only engage and interrogate environmental struggles, but also how these works in fact reconfigure how we think about and enter into the environment as participants.

The course employs contemporary environmental thinking that moves beyond ecologies based in solely in the natural world to consider the role of disasters, conflicts, catastrophes, extraction, war, gentrification, development, global climate change, race, gender, refugees, migrants, animals, race, gender, and nation.

It pairs these topics with film, video, and new media art that does more than simply represent or advocate a position but instead unpacks and offers ways to think through the environment differently, as a constantly changing ecology. The course is international in scope.

The course serves as a gateway course for students who may want to serve as blogging interns for the 2019 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival with the theme of DISRUPTIONS.

The course is open to all students in any major on campus. Overrides are available for students not currently enrolled in the honors program in order to expand access to the course and to FLEFF.

For further information, contact Dr. Patricia Zimmermann at