CSCRE Discussion Series Presents: Dr. Emma Perez: Decolonial Methods as Intersectional Praxis!

Hello Honorites!

On Thursday, April 5th in the Handwerker Gallery from 6pm-8pm,

Dr. Emma Perez 20180322151727442_1.jpgwill present on Decolonial Methods as Intersectional Praxis!

Intersectional theory and praxis have become popularized in recent years–so much so that we now hear popular media discussing “intersectionality.”

We are witnessing an effort to integrate complex identities emerging from race, class, gender, sexualities, and a number of other differences.  However, are intersectional practices necessarily decolonial?  And what does it mean to include decolonial methods as part of the intersectional praxis?  Dr. Perez will be addressing these questions from a decolonial queer of color perspective.

She earned a PhD in history from UCLA. She recently joined the University of Arizona as a Research Associate at the Southwest Center and a Professor in the Department of Gender/Women’s Studies.  She has written three novels to date:  Gulf Dreams (1996) is considered one of the first Chicana lesbian novels in print; Forgetting the Alamo, Or, Blood Memory (2009) earned 2nd place in Historical Fiction from International Latino Books as well as the NACCS Regional Book Award;  and Electra’s Complex (2015), an academic mystery.  She continues to research and write about LGBT Chicanx/Mexicanx through a decolonial queer of color lens.

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