Seniors: a deadline update for Taskstream

Here’s an update about deadlines for Honors artifacts, including thesis documents.
ALL artifacts and reflections must be uploaded to Taskstream by May 4, the last day of classes
Also, an important note for seniors:  The current Honors program requires students to complete your requirements on Taskstream, but unfortunately Homer and Taskstream don’t communicate automatically.
That means that you must gauge your progress toward graduation based on your progress in Taskstream until we are able to manually update your degree evaluation in Homer. 
The Honors staff work during the course of the Spring semester to assess the Taskstream progress of our seniors, but we aren’t able to update all degree evaluations fully until the end of the Spring semester. That means that as your major departments run “graduation problems lists”, Honors students will almost always be on these lists even if you’ve completed all or most Honors requirements.   
Please be in touch with your Honors advisors if you have questions or need to assess your situation.