Get Glazed For Sierra Leone Fundraiser!

Hi Honorites,
ASA is hosting a fundraiser for Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Last summer on August 14th, 2017, after three days of torrential rainfall, devastating floods and mudslides hit Freetown. These floods and mudslides caused great pain on the Freetown community, and ASA is holding a fundraiser to help Freetown recover.
On February 19th- 23rd in Campus Center, ASA will be having a pre-sale to order a box of donuts for $10.00. After the pre-sale, boxes will be selling at $12.00. The table times for pre order are Monday 10 – 1 , Tuesday 12 – 2 , Thursday 12 – 2 , Friday 10 – 2. Pay with cash, Venmo, Cash-app, or Chase Quick-pay. All proceeds from ASA’s Krispy Kreme fundraisers will go towards helping the people of Freetown rebuild their community.