A New and Exciting course for Block 2 – Spring Semester 2018

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Honors is offering an exciting 1 credit seminar course during Block 2 of the 2018 Spring Semester. This Honors slow read includes an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC on May 5th to see The Iceman Cometh on Broadway, as well as a (not yet confirmed but likely) conversation with some members of the cast after the show.

Here is the course description:  In this Block II seminar, we will engage in a slow read of the American playwright Eugene O’Neill’s epic 1939 play, The Iceman Cometh. Our reading of the play will culminate with a trip to New York City to see the new Broadway production of The Iceman Cometh, starring Denzel Washington. The Iceman Cometh takes place in a New York City bar, owned by the ironically named Harry Hope, whose clientele consists largely of alcoholics, prostitutes, and other down-and-outs. While they have little to hope for, each character has a pipe dream to which s/he clings fervently, and which the “iceman” who is figured in the title views it as his appointed task to persuade them to discard. The consequences are harrowing, not least for the iceman. Although conventional wisdom will tell you that it is best to face facts in life (and, of course, to avoid drinking copious amounts of alcohol, as Harry Hope’s patrons do), O’Neill’s play asks whether it is in fact humanly possible to live without false hopes or “lying dreams.” In this course, we will read the play, considering it as a text on the page, and then supplement our understanding of it by seeing it performed in New York City, with Denzel Washington in the role of Hickey (aka the iceman) and directed by George C. Wolfe.

If you have questions about this course, please contact Claire Gleitman at gleitman@ithaca.edu.