Want to Jump Start Your Career in Six Weeks? Apply for the Albany Summer Internship Program hosted by Marist College!

Hello Honorites!

Marist College is continuing to host a six week, intensive Albany Summer Internship Program (ASIP).

The program is open to all majors!

**(However students in Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology are ideally suited to benefit from the ASIP experience.)

The 6 week ASIP experience runs from May 21 to June 29th, 2018, and the application deadline is March 1, 2018. 

Internship Placement & Support

The ASIP internship placements include advocacy groups, lobbying firms, nonprofit organizations, and state agency offices.  Our Albany-based staff will facilitate these placements in settings which match each student’s interests. (Please use flyer below to look at different placement options.)Image-1.jpg

Program Information

ASIP interns work at their placements 4 days a week for 6 weeks earning 3 course credits and meet weekly with the ASIP Director, Dr. Krista Applebee, for internship-in-context sessions, career development workshops, and networking events with guest speakers.

If students wish to take additional classes, online Marist summer courses are available at a discounted rate in a variety of disciplines.

Tuition, Housing, & Student Life

The total program costs are $3000, including tuition, a program fee, and housing. Students pay Marist College directly and then simply transfer the 3 internship course credits back to your institution.  In addition, students who live in the Albany area can participate in the ASIP experience as a commuting student, and the cost would then be $2200.

Students live in fully furnished 4-bedroom apartments in University Heights, a complex that is centrally located in Albany’s academic quadrangle.  Apartments include free Wi-Fi and parking. Summer is an ideal time to experience the Capital Region’s cultural and natural resources, such as the Art on Lark festival in June and the many hiking trails in the Adirondack ParkImage.jpg

Additional information, including application forms, may be found at the Albany Summer Internship Program website.


If there are any questions regarding the ASIP experience please contact, Dr. Martin Shaffer at martin.shaffer@marist.edu or (845) 575-3295.  

Student Testimonials:

Kevisha Hunt, Wells College — Psychology major;Criminology minor
“My internship allowed me to get involved with important policy issues, meet with state legislators, attend press conferences, and learn directly from people with years of experience in children’s mental health policy.  The beauty about my internship is that I was not only exposed to policy and politics; through Families Together of New York State I got to connect with people from various mental health organizations from all over the state. This experience has turned out to be very rewarding, in more ways than I ever expected.  I highly encourage anyone interested in this program to go for it! There are so many opportunities available.”

Eliza Patterson, Marist College — Political Science Major, Communications/PR Minor
“My time at the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. The staff that I worked with were kind and welcoming, and exposed me to many different aspects of higher education policy. I was able to read new legislation, write policy briefs, and draft memorandums working specifically on legislative initiatives dealing with New York State Public Health Law and the Education Law. I was also able to attend meetings, discuss bills, and observe the Senate and Assembly during the legislative session. They gave me many assignments to tackle, and I ultimately walked away with a portfolio of different projects I worked on. For any student interested in obtaining an internship, I highly recommend taking part in the Albany Summer Internship Program. I can confidently say that I have developed many skills at this internship that I will take with me to future internships and jobs.”