Info Session for Short Study Abroad in Malawi Thursday at 12:10

Ever dream of going to a country in Africa to learn about a new culture, way of life and healthcare system? Then this short term study abroad trip is for you! malawi.jpg

Come to the Info Session to learn more about Malawi (The Warm Heart of Africa): Thursday, December 7th at 12:10pm in CHS 207

Trip details: The goal of this trip is to immerse students in various aspects of healthcare in Malawi through experiential learning including: actively participating in mobile medical clinics and pediatric rehabilitation centers, visiting hospitals and crisis care nurseries, and interacting with local community members and healthcare providers.

When: May 22nd – June 5th

Where: Malawi, Africa

Who: Ithaca College Students and Healthcare Staff and Faculty

Estimated Costs: $5,900 (includes tuition fees, flights and all in country costs)