The overnight Back Packing Trip is Back!!!!!!!

The Overnight Backpacking is on Friday October 27th at 5:00pm and returns Saturday October 28th at around 5:00pm. All equipment is provided. Ten tickets will be sold at a cost of $20.  All necessary equipment and food will be provided.

Student must attend a pre-trip meeting for both of these events and there is no expectation that participants have either backpacking or rock climbing experience.

As with all Honors trips, tickets will be sold on a first come and refunds will only be provided if your spot can be filled.

Tickets will be on sale in PRW 072 on the below listed dates:

Tuesday October 17th from 9:00 am -12:oo pm and 2:15 pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday October 18th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm