You’re Invited: “Masculinity, Violence, and De-Individuation in Argentine Soccer Chants”


Interested in the intersection of sport behavior, gender, Spanish language, Latin American culture, and music? Come to Dr. Eduardo Herrera’s presentation this Thursday at 5:00 pm in Klingenstein Lounge, entitled “Masculinity, Violence, and De-Individuation in Argentine Soccer Chants.” Refreshments will be provided.
Dr. Herrera is an ethnomusicologist at Rutgers University and has done extensive (and dangerous) fieldwork with soccer clubs in Argentina.  His broader research interests include Argentine and Uruguayan avant-garde music, participatory music making, and music and postcoloniality. Herrera is currently working on a book titled Elite Art Worlds: Philanthropy, Latin Americanism, and Avant-Garde Music, and an edited collection, in collaboration with Alejandro Madrid and Ana Alonso-Minutti, titled Experimentalisms in Practice: Music Perspectives from Latin America (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).