IC Honors Student Spotlight: Jordan Stecker ’21

Hello Honorites! We are so excited to be spotlighting freshman, Jordan Stecker! He is an Integrated Marketing Communications major and is originally from Syosset, Long Island! Learn more about Jordan and his experiences in Honors below!


What’s your favorite thing about IC?

My favorite part of IC is the amount of student life programs it has. Joining clubs like Chabad, Community Council, EPIC (Event Planners of IC), and other clubs have allowed me to explore my passions and train me for “real life”.

What’s your favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why?

I love the Golden City Course I’m currently in. I’m learning about mythology and some history while learning how century old stories correspond to today’s society! It’s awesome!

What’s the coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC/the Honors Program? 

My coolest opportunity thus far was a mini-course I took through the Park School. The course was about Crisis Communication. In it, I was featured in a press conference simulation in front of 40 people, where I was asked a series of questions, had to give answers about a real situation, a with very little prep time. I truly enjoyed it and realize that I may want to go work in the crisis communication field after I graduate.


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