Help Wanted: Short-Term Women’s Studies Internship

Professor Katharine Kittredge is seeking one or more volunteer interns to help with an upcoming women’s history project. If interested, email by September 15. More information is below:

Needed: one multi-talented student who has an interest in Women’s History and possesses graphic design skills or a team of students including a graphic design/marketing student and students interested in researching Women’s History.

The event:  Commemoration of the First Women to Vote in New York State to be held at the Lisle Free Library on October 21, 2017.  Lisle is about 30 miles outside of Ithaca.

Background:  New York State amended its state constitution to allow women to vote in November of 1917.  The first vote held in the state was a referendum on the sale of liquor in the town of Lisle NY on January 5, 1918.  Approximately a hundred women turned out to cast ballots in favor of the amendment to place restrictions on the sale of alcohol.  They were challenged by the local tavern owner, but refused to be intimidated.

The task:

  1. Develop a series of informational posters to be displayed at the library.  The material on local history will be supplied by the town’s historian and librarians (you don’t have to travel to Lisle), the “context” images should be gleaned from open-access sources on the internet.  Suggested posters in the series could be:
  1. Context on 1918 (fashion, cars, current events)
  2. Images of Lisle in 1918 + some facts about the town
  3. Background on Suffrage Movement in NYS
  4. Background on Temperance movement (defining it + images)
  5. Two posters showing the polling places, giving details on the vote, and showing images of women voting
  1. Create a one-page tri-fold pamphlet giving information on the 1918 vote & containing historical images.  This will be given out at the library during the event and will remain available afterwards.