Honors FYI: The End of the Patriarchy

University of Texas professor Robert Jensen will be giving two talks on his new book, The End of the Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men, this weekend. The first talk will be at 7:00 in the Clarke Lounge on 2/16, and the second will be at Buffalo Street Books on 2/18 at 3:00. The book’s synopsis is below:

The pathology of patriarchy, the idea that one group of people should control another—even own them, own even life itself—is at the core of today’s crises.

 The End of Patriarchy asks one key question: What do we need to create and maintain stable, decent human communities that can remain in a sustainable relationship with the larger living world? Robert Jensen’s answer is feminism and a critique of patriarchy.

He calls for a radical feminist challenge to institutionalized male dominance; an uncompromising rejection of men’s assertion of a right to control women’s sexuality and reproduction; and a demand for an end to the violence and coercion that are at the heart of all systems of domination and subordination.