Honors: Update on the Ottawa Trip

Dear Honorites,

I’m really sorry to inform you that we have to cancel this Saturday’s trip to Ottawa.

A variety of circumstances have converged that brought us to make this difficult decision.  Some of our concerns are related to President Trump’s travel ban.  In addition, we learned that the Office of International Programs requires six forms to allow international travel, including two signed by parents of all students (not just students under 18).  We realized that no one—students, faculty nor staff—would have time to complete the requirements in time for Saturday.

The safety and security for the Honors community is always our top priority.  We will work to make sure that our future international trips go smoothly by beginning the paperwork early.  Sadly, this time, we simply can’t do what’s necessary in time.

I apologize for the disappointment and look forward to traveling with all of you soon!

Warm wishes,