IC Honors Student Spotlight: Katie Woodilla ’19

This week’s student spotlight features Katie Woodilla, a sophomore exercise science major with a concentration in clinical and exercise wellness. Katie is from Hermon Maine. In addition to her studies, Katie is a member of the special events committee on the Student Activities Board, an active participant in Ithaca College’s swing dance club, and an actor with Macabre Theatre Ensemble. You may have seen her in Macabre’s production of Heathers the Musical earlier this Fall! To learn more about Katie, continue reading below!


Favorite part about IC:
My favorite part about IC is definitely the community-like atmosphere on and off campus. Coming from far away, I did not know anyone and I immediately felt like I was a part of the Ithaca family. Everyone loves making new friends and relationships beyond the classroom, creating such an inviting environment that is hard to leave at the end of each semester. No matter the major, people are always going out of their way to make connections with one another.

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why:
Great Debates in Film and Fiction was the seminar that has stuck out in my mind the most by far. Co-taught by professors Thomas Girshin and Tyrell Stewart-Harris, these two always brought both sides of the argument to class. We discussed the concepts of truth, justice, crime, and punishment through analysis of popular texts and films. I loved the fact that we had the opportunity to watch various movies like the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell and documentaries such as Crime After Crime throughout the course and pick them apart, trying to figure out why things happened the way they did and how it connected to the bigger picture. The question as to ‘what is truth?’ was one of the underlying themes and to use that when reading classics like Crime and Punishment or The Republic opened up my eyes to all of the literature and media around me. We often perceive information one way, but this class allowed me to dig deep and try to find the answers to some of our most asked questions.

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program:
Some of the coolest opportunities that I’ve had at IC are the trips through the Honors program. I’ve had the chance to travel to Niagara on the Lake to see a professional theatre production of ‘Sweet Charity’ as well as tour the town and sight see. I also traveled to Ottawa last winter for one of their local festivals; I was able to see the largest ice skating rink in the world, an ice carving competition, eat some amazing food, and walk around to get to know the city. The best trip, however, was the NYC trip where we went to the Modern Museum of Art and also saw the Tony award winning musical, ‘Fun Home.’ There are constantly trips going on through honors and I love that they are always changing; you never know what’s coming next!

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