IC Honors: Thank You!

PrintAs the semester comes to an end along with my term as the director, I want to take this moment to thank those that deserved to be thanked. First and foremost, the program doesn’t run without the help of students. Emily, Erin, Jen, and Ryan have been working to keep Honors functioning well all semester. I thank the four of you for your effort and being a pleasure to work with. Thanks to the Honors Steering committee for keeping the program going.  Thanks to the Honors Student Advisory board for their input and energy. Thanks to all the RAs and Jess the RD of Lyon Hall for maintaining the best RLC on campus. Thanks to the Honors Faculty for the great courses they teach. Finally, thanks to all the Honors students who truly make the program what it is. This is my last post and I’ve sincerely appreciated my time as your director. I wish all of you the best. Cheers, Tom