IC Honors Student Spotlight: Brianna Hoody ’19

Meet our student spotlight this week, sophomore Brianna Hoody from Bergen County, NJ. Brianna is a biochemistry major with a minor in music. She works for Residential Life as a resident assistant and is a member of the Symphony Orchestra. She also participates in a number of on campus organizations including the Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance Club, IC Big Brother Big Sister, and the Residence Hall Association. Last year, Brianna worked with a group of Ithaca College Honors students to organize and implement Clean Up Stewart Park, a project to pick up trash around the public facility. In addition to her involvement on campus, Brianna also teachers violin lessons to children in the Ithaca Area. She hopes to someday work in a medical profession. To learn more about Brianna, continue reading below!


Favorite part about IC:
My favorite thing about Ithaca College is the community that surrounds the college. Ithaca NY and Ithaca College work together to make a wonderful college community where so many friends and memories are shared. Everyone that I have met at IC has been so friendly and welcoming, which has allowed for an amazing transition into Ithaca College and into my second year at IC.

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why:
My favorite honors seminar that I have taken was my first year seminar, Why Are We Here. This class was able to teach me new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching problems. Having this class as one of my first at IC challenged me to understand new concepts in new ways that have helped me in all of my classes after.

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program:
The trips that are sponsored by the honors program have allowed me to meet so many new people and explore so many new things and experiences. These trips are one the most beneficial parts of the honors program as we are able to meet more and more people on campus that are also part of the honors program and excited to explore more parts of the world with us.

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Spotlight series.

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