IC Honors Student Spotlight: Maddy Horowitz ’19

This week’s student spotlight is Maddy Horowitz, a sophomore Health Education and Physical Education double major from Fairport, NY. Maddy is the co-chair of Speak Your Mind – a panel program sponsored by IC Active Minds. These panels allow students to share their stories and experiences surrounding mental health with their classmates with a mission to sponsor dialogue and erode stigma. She is also a resident assistant and an admitted student ambassador. Learn more about Maddy below!


Favorite part about IC:
I love the overall acceptance in our community. I feel like there are no societal boundaries, which can be interpreted both negatively or positively. Regardless, anyone can open up to whoever or whatever they want to be. It sounds so cliche and lame, but being able to function as a human with a strong mental state and well being is huge. Freedom to be who you are is something that Ithaca College accepts every day, and it’s an amazing thing.

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why:
I’ve only taken 2 seminars, but spring semester of my freshman year I took Power and Justice Through The Dark Knight, and our final was a series of two trials. I played Batman in both trials. Why was this is the best seminar ever? I was Batman, come on.

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program:
I think even though the 25 page synthesis paper I was assigned as a FIRST SEMESTER freshman was so daunting, it’s still something I’m so proud of it. That paper is my child, and is something I presented about at the Whalen Academic Symposium in the spring. The topic I chose turns out to be something very close to my heart, and something I really hope to include in health education curriculum in my class room one day.

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