IC Honors Kudos: Jennifer Walsh

An article written by Honors junior Jen Walsh was recently published in the October 30 issue of Watcher Junior: The Undergraduate Journal of Whedon Studies. The article was an adaptation of Jen’s final paper written for her 2015 first-year Honors Seminar, Wonder Women and Lethal Girls: Feminism in Fantasy and Science Fiction. It compares Xander Harris, a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s  to Shakespeare’s “artificial fool.”

Professor Katharine Kittredge, the professor of Jen’s first-year seminar, calls Watcher Junior the “gold standard for popular culture scholarship.”

Jen is a television-radio major here at Ithaca College. In addition

to her studies, Jen also edits Symposium, Ithaca College’s won undergraduate scholarly journal and is a writer, filmmaker, and actor.

Join us in congratulating Jen for her work in earning this exceptional achievement and for having the courage to break barriers with her writing.

If you’d like to read Jen’s article, you can do so here.