Honors Registration Help

Today is the start of Spring 2017 registration! Remember to login to Homerconnect and choose your classes for next semester.

Still working on your schedule for next semester? Check out the the Honors seminars being offered in Spring 2017! For a detailed description of each seminar as well as other important notes about Honors advising, see Dr. Pfaff’s advising notes here.

If you’re having trouble, Jess Shapiro has Honors advising drop in hours on Tuesday from 8:30-11:30 in Eastman 100-W and Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 in the Honors Lounge. You can also reach her by email at jshapiro2@ithaca.edu.

MWF 12:00–12:50pm Cultural Encounters with Ithaca College 3 42276
MWF 11:00–11:50am Plotting Marriage/s 3 43471
MWF 1:00–1:50pm Terrorism and Insurgencies 3 43265
M 2:00–2:50pm Citizenship and Service 1 43268
W 2:00–2:50pm Danger! Understanding Not-So-Natural Disasters 1 42307
MWF 3:00–3:50pm Women and Fairy Tales 3 43264
M 3:00–3:50pm Slow Read: Plato’s Republic 1 43474
W 3:00–3:50pm Slow Read: Bowie – A Slow Listen 1 43269
W 3:00–3:50pm Honors Capstone (Section 2) 1 43271
M 4:00–4:50pm Opera Immersion 1 43266
W 4:00–5:40pm Honors Capstone (Section 1 – Block II) 1 43270
W 4:00–5:50pm Teatro: Performance and Production 1 40775
TR 9:25–10:40am The Sixties: Cultural, Social and Political Movements 3 42305
TR 10:50–12:05pm Authoritarianism in Literature 3 43470
TR 1:10–2:25pm International Scholarly Conversation 3 42306
TR 1:10–2:25pm Imagining Hitler 3 43472
TR 2:35–3:50pm Sex, Gender & Desire 3 43263
T 2:35–4:25pm Winter Wonderland 1 42308
T 5:25–6:15pm Writing for Yourself 1 43267
R 5:25–7:25pm Plant-Based Diets: Eating in the New Millennium (Block I) 1 43473