IC Honors Advice: Professional Communication – Email Salutation II

PrintAdvice: Email communications should have a proper salutation and leaving it blank or using something like “Hey,” is inappropriate.

Why: Email communication to faculty should be viewed as professional communication. Leaving the salutation blank or starting off with something like “Hey” will come off as rude. It is ok to use you instructor’s first name such as Dear Tom or just Tom if your instructor has invited you to do so. If you are in doubt, then it is better to be too formal than inappropriately informal.

IC Honors FYI: Majors and Minors Fair

Find your path or identify new routes at this year’s Majors and Minors Fair

This Wednesday, October 5th from 5:00 – 7:00pm, stop by Emerson Suites to talk with representatives from degree programs across all five of Ithaca College’s schools. Staff members from the Academic Advising Office, the Registrar, Study Abroad, and Career Services will also be present making this a one stop shop for discovering your future plans.

With over 100 majors and 70 minors, odds are you’ll be able discover at least something that you’re passionate about studying.




IC Honors Advice: Professional Communication – Email Salutation I

PrintAdvice: Use “Professor” or “Dr.” in email salutations and do not refer to your female professors as “Mrs.” unless they have requested that you do so.

Why:  “Professor” or “Dr” are the appropriate honorifics for all faculty members, male and female, unless instructed otherwise.  This matters to many faculty members for the same reason that we all prefer to be identified by our actual name, not a false name. “Professor” or “Dr” accurately indicates the professional identity of a faculty member.  Furthermore, “Mrs.” refers to a marital status that may or may not apply to your female faculty members; you should not presume that it does.