IC Honors Student Spotlight: Maggie Eckerson ’18

This week, we want to spotlight Maggie Eckerson, a junior Cinema & Photography major from Washington, D.C. with additional minors in Environmental Studies and Exercise Science. Maggie is an avid and creative photographer; if you’d like to see some of her work, check out her website or just poke your head inside the Honors Lounge and look around the walls. After spending last winter break researching rainforests in Belize and a busy summer in New York City interning with Silver Models, Maggie is looking forward to studying at Ithaca College’s Los Angeles program this coming spring and summer. For now, Maggie is pouring into her studies, teaching TRX suspension training classes at the Fitness Center, and continuing to hone her photography talents. Learn more about Maggie below!

Above: Maggie alongside a project from her Human Environment of Geography Class. She researched the Geography of Architecture.

Favorite part about IC:
IC is a welcoming community with students and faculty that specialize in a wide variety of talents. I have made many friends from many different majors and minors.

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why:
Honors Tracking with Jason Hamilton has been my favorite Honors seminar so far. As an environmental studies minor, this class immediately stood out from the selection of Honors seminars. Spending hours in the woods made me rethink about Earth’s influence on animal behavior. Most of the time, I would go for a hike at the falls. Some of our homework assignments included following animals for an extended period of time to examine their movements. This class isn’t your typical Honors seminar but it is your typical Environmental class!

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program:
Last semester, I spent my winter studying in the Rainforests, Coral reefs and Mayan Ruins of Belize, and even apprenticed a Mayan healer. I held tarantulas and pet a Jaguar! This was the most rewarding experience of my life as I spent days hiking(and living) in the rainforest with the Howler Monkeys, spelunking in Caves once utilized for human sacrifice as well as exploring the second largest Coral Reef in the world, The Belize Barrier Reef! While in Belize, I stayed with a Homestay family who not only taught me how to make coconut oil, but also introduced me to my new favorite food: Breadfruit! Belize is a country rich in culture and experience. Unlike it’s neighboring Guatemala, Belize is a very safe country. I could ride the bus without worry and even feel safe when alone. I met many children who are not only well mannered but also independent(they would put many American children to shame).

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