IC Honors Kudos: Bob Sullivan and Tom Pfaff

Congratulations to Honors faculty Tom Pfaff and Bob Sullivan for their contribution to Present Successes and Future Challenges in Honors Education which was published this past August. This book was published by Rowman & Littlefield as the first of three monographs that examines the proliferation and future of honors programs in American higher education.

Dr. Pfaff, the current director of the IC Honors Program, and Dr. Sullivan, the former director of the program, coauthored a chapter entitled “Seminars, Curricula, Rigor: Paradoxical Constraints on the Future of Honors”

The second book in the series, Continuity and Innovation in Honors College Curricula, is available now, and the third, Structural Challenges and the Future of Honors Education, will be published in December.