IC Honors Event: Shaw Festival Ticket Sales

john_tenniel_-_illustration_from_the_nursery_alice_1890_-_c03757_07Tickets for the Shaw Festival trip will be sold during the noon hour on Tuesday Sept 13 in the Buttermilk Falls room in the campus center. Tickets are $25, first come first served, you may buy two extra tickets for other Honors students, and you will only get a refund if you seat can be filled.

The trip will be on Sat Sept 17. The bus will leave at 6:00 am and head to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. You must have a valid passport or enhanced drivers license to go on this trip. There will be a workshop related to the show, Alice in Wonderland, at 11:00 am followed by lunch and the show at 2:00. The bus will return by 11:00 pm.