IC Honors New Student Spotlight: Farwa Shakeel ’20

Meet first year honors student Farwa Shakeel. Hailing from Piscataway, NJ, Farwa is planning on studying Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College. She is passionate about unveiling and uprooting the injustices of our world and shares her thoughts on some of these controversial issues on her blog, The Unexpressed. She hopes to reach young adults such as herself and help to educate them about these topics. Learn more about Farwa below!


What are you most excited for about Ithaca College?
The opportunities! The faculty seem like they have several connections that will be useful for getting jobs and internships. There’s also no shortage of clubs and organization on campus that I’m excited to join!

What have you been up to this summer? Do you have a favorite memory?
Two, actually; one is the week-long trip I took to Atlanta for a Key Club convention- it was so much fun being in a room full of young people who all want to make a difference. And another is my graduation party; having all my friends and family there was so nice, and it was also a nice way to say goodbye!

What are you passionate about? What do love to do?
Community service; activism; I also ran a blog called “The Unexpressed” that focused on all types of issues I thought should be important to young people. I’m going to try and start it up again in college! Here’s the link: www.theunexpressed.weebly.com


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