FYI: 8 Perks of Living in the Honors RLC

It is a truth universally acknowledged that choosing on-campus housing can be a stressful process. Tons of variables impact the decision, like the proximity of dorms to classes and the fact that you likely don’t know your neighbors. IC Honors students have the option to join the Honors Residential Learning Community in Lyon Hall, and there are more benefits than you may think. Here are ten perks of living in the Honors RLC, from current and former Lyon Hall residents:

  1. The strong community: Living in an RLC means you have something in common with your neighbors – in this case, that you’re all students in the Honors Program. Chances are you’ll be living with some students from your Honors classes, which gives you a great opportunity to bond outside the classroom.
  2. The kitchen: Lyon Hall features a bigger kitchen than most other dorms on campus. The fuller space allows students more opportunities to cook meals outside of the dining hall, plan community events, and acts as a common area where students can work or socialize.
  3. Free printing: This may not sound like a huge perk to brand new students, but having a printer readily available in the basement lounge can be a huge time-saver if you can’t get to the Honors Lounge in Muller or to the library.
  4. Respect: Honors students get what it means to be good neighbors, and respect quiet hours and the use of study spaces so you can get work done when you need to.
  5. Education: In the Honors RLC, learning extends beyond the classroom. Between the different trips, events, and classes organized by Honors, you’ll be able to find friends in your building and connect in a meaningful way, exploring totally new perspectives and experiences.
  6. Location: Lyon Hall is close to the Park School, Fitness Center and the TCAT bus stop.
  7. Activities: Lyon Hall has lots of big events each year, from its Halloween party to Eastman-Lyon Prom. There’s always something going on if you’re looking to escape your room for a bit.
  8. A mixed-year building: The Honors RLC is open to first-years and upperclassmen, who can provide valuable mentoring to new students.