IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Samantha Cripe

This is Sam Cripe, an senior Honorite with a double major in Legal Studies and History, and you can learn about her volunteer plans for next year here:12961485_10154025399308168_8141300492269836029_n.jpg

Next year I will be a corp member, volunteering for City Year in Boston. This organization is part of the AmeriCorps umbrella. I will be working with inner city students on attendance, behavior, and grades all while encouraging them to do well in schools and find a passion for learning. I am so excited to work with youth and begin a possible career in the field of education. I am hoping that this year will help me decide if I want to continue on and get a teaching certificate, or if I want to continue on to Law school. Either way, I am excited to begin working with youth and making an impact on the Boston community!

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Yena Seo ’18

Meet sophomore Yena Seo with a double major in Journalism and Politics (International Policy concentration) from Fairfax, VA! Yena is part of the Honors Advisory Board, she slays on Model UN, recently represented IC at the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, MD, and is a huge fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Learn more about Yena below!


Favorite part about IC:The people. Whenever you need a helping hand, you can count on someone to be there for you!

Favorite Honors seminar (so far) and why:Terrorism and Insurgencies with Chip Gagnon and Why Are We Here? with Tom Pfaff. I’m currently in the Terrorism and Insurgencies class, and given current events, it’s been incredibly interesting to learn about different theories regarding terrorism, historical events, as well as the numerous terrorist organizations and insurgency groups around the world. I always knew I wanted to go into national security policy at some point in my life, and this has sparked my interest even more. Why Are We Here? was my first-year seminar and it provided me with long-lasting friendships and was a great introduction to all that the Honors Program had to offer. I loved it so much that I served as a Peer Mentor for the Why Are We Here? class this past fall.

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:I just recently attended the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, Maryland! The Honors program sponsored me to attend the conference, and the theme this year was focused on closing the global gender gap. I was fortunate to meet and make friendships with students, cadets and midshipmen from all over the world, enjoyed some delicious food (and even went to a croquet match!) in downtown Annapolis, and engaged in stimulating discussion and debate. We were even lucky enough to hear two of my favorite female role models speak (among many other notable speakers) – Michele Flournoy, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy, and Samantha Power, the current U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations! It was a truly unparalleled experience and I encourage every IC Honors student to make the most of whatever opportunities come their way.”

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IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Lisa Famularo

Here’s Lisa, a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Management, and a Campus Life Award recipient for this year. Check out her awesome grad school plans:Lisa About.Me_3.JPG

After graduation, I will be attending a two-year graduate program at the University of Connecticut to earn a Master of Arts in Higher Education Student Affairs while also completing an assistantship in the Center for Career Development and a series of practicums in other Student Affairs offices.  Throughout my experience at IC, I have definitely recognized the importance of involvement during college, especially due to all the amazing resources IC provides that are not available everywhere else, and I want to help other students take advantage of the resources available to them in a similar way that I did.  I have developed a strong passion for student development, and my goal is to play a direct role in helping college students recognize their unique strengths and realize their full potential.